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Swimming Holiday Program

Our five days per week intensive swimming holiday programme provides your child with the perfect opportunity to develop, enhance, or quick start a skill.​ Reinforcing these skills on consecutive days helps children learn faster, gain more confidence, and improve their fitness levels.

Lessons range from 30 – 45 minutes, depending on individual level. You can choose between one or two weeks of classes in any of our three Auckland Swimming Schools.

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The Benefits of a Holiday Swimming Programme

The school holidays are a great time to practice the essential skill of swimming. Whether your child is looking to learn the basics or build on skills they already have, the intensive formatting of school holiday programmes allows them to learn a lot over a short time. 

 Continuing over the holidays is a great way to ensure that your child retains any skills that they know. Continual repetition increases muscle memory of swim skills and will increase your child’s retention of what they learned previously. Repetition and daily practice can help your child transform a swim stroke they are struggling with.

 It can be hard to find structured activities during the school holidays that are both fun and productive. Swimming lessons in the school holidays are a great way to keep the kids active and busy in a way they can enjoy. Get a free assessment at Aqua Artist today to learn your child’s swimming abilities.

Looking for Auckland Holiday Swimming Programme

 Looking to keep your child active these holidays in Auckland? The Aqua Artist swimming holiday programme is a fun way for your child to improve their fitness while gaining new skills in the water. Enrol your child to our Swimming Holiday Programme in any of our East Tamaki , Onehunga, and Mt Albert shcool today!