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Our value is to create an effective learning system and ensure our students enjoy their swimming classes while improving their skills.

Aqua Artist Swimming School was founded in 2015 by Dai Jun, Bronze Medallist from the London Olympics 2012. He believes that learning to swim correctly and effectively requires good instructions alongside a certain amount of practice.

At Aqua Artist, we have brought two major changes to the industry: Dryland Training and Longer Class Duration. Dryland training allows students to learn the correct skills on dry land before they even get in the water. After the skill is learnt on dry land, it’s time to practice in the water with a well-designed plan to create the correct muscle memories.

Over the years, Aqua Artist Swimming School has built a very high reputation in the industry with its professional teaching system and good standard management. Our innovative teaching philosophy and effective teaching system have made a profound impression on over 5000 students. We believe that swimming is not only a sport but also a lifelong skill that accompanies each individual in their lives.




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Programs We Offer

Pre School

Age: 3-5 years
Price: $24 per lesson
Duration: Entry-S+ 30min
Max: 3 people

School Age

Age: 5 years and above
Price: $46 / $36 Per Lesson
Duration: 60 / 45 minutes
Max: 5 people

Squad Training

Age: 5 years and above
Price: $46 per lesson
Duration: 60 minutes
Max: 10 people

Holiday Program

Age: 3 years and above
2 weeks Price: $230/ $330 
1 week Price: $135/$198 
Duration: 30/45 minutes

Private Lesson

Age: 3 years and above
Price: $75/$95/$120/lesson
Duration: 30/45/60 min
Max: 1 person

Adult Lesson

Age: 16 years and above
Price: $46 per lesson
Duration: 60 minutes
Max: 5 people

About our founder

Head Coach Jun Dai

Jun Dai was born into a swimming family and started swimming at a young age. When he was 13 years old, he qualified for the Chinese National Team and began his career as a professional swimmer. Over the years, he showed his talent in a lot of international competitions:

  • Gold Medal from 2009 The China National Games
  • Gold Medal and Record Holder in the Youth Olympic Games in 2010
  • Gold Medal at the 16th Asian Games in 2010
  • Silver Medal from Short Course World Cup Men's 1500m Freestyle
  • Silver Medal from National Swimming Championships
  • Bronze medal from 2012 London Olympics
  • Gold Medal from New Zealand Open in 2015
  • 2016-2017 New Zealand Ocean Swim Champion

He came to New Zealand after retirement and began a new role as a swimming teacher. Many years of training and teaching experience have helped him develop an effective learning program, which he used to establish Aqua Artist Swimming School in 2015.


All our instructors have been fully trained and highly motivated in our program! Classes are kept to limited numbers to ensure that you or your child receives maximum attention from the instructor. The classes are run by school terms and school holidays in duration from 30 – 60 minutes. Students will be assessed while they learn. As soon as they meet the criteria, they will be moved into the next level during the term.

Progress is never difficult to see in Aqua Artist!


What people say

As a B2B client of Zoe & Michael I can confirm that they are a warm, professional couple who care about their staff and students. They follow best practice in terms of providing a fair and safe environment for all their stakeholders...

Ainsley Palairet


Aqua artist is an Asian swimming school for all, bust most of the kids and pupils signed up are Asian, Kent the manager is Asian and speaks English but all the instructors are Asian, this swimming school is based inside Mt Albert aquatics center...

Jeanpaul Garnier


great school, nice and professional teacher, i learned my freestyle from them. with all the training they provided, i was able to completed harbor crossing and other ocean swim event. highly recommend to anyone who want learn swimming!